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"This book is awesome. It will help you to discover how to believe in yourself and see how easy it is to feel comfortable with who you really are, not who others think you should be."

- Clay Aiken

American singer, songwriter, television personality, actor, author, politician and activist


"Dr. Bradley's excellent book should be required reading for every parent of teenagers."

Virginia Smith Harvey, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, University of Massachusetts Boston
Author of Effective Supervision in School Psychology

" ... fascinating insights into the turbulent adolescent mind and excellent techniques to help parents deal with it."

Marguerite Kelly
Nationally Syndicated Columnist for The Washington Post
Author of The Mother's Almanac

"As a father, I'm awed by Dr. Bradley's ability to cut through the nonsense and go straight to the heart and soul of parent-teen relationships. In powerful, frank, emotionally charged, yet astonishingly simple talk, he tells you what you need to know to save your children physically, emotionally, and spiritually. You can't afford not to read this book."

Martin Sheen, Parent/Actor

" ... compelling, lively and realistic. ... An invaluable parachute for parents diving into the teen years."

Publishers Weekly

"You'll be the 'crazy' one if you attempt to raise a teenager without the wisdom you'll find on every page of this extraordinary book."

- Jack Canfield
Co-creator, Chicken Soup for the Parent's Soul®

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Raising a teenager was never supposed to be like this. In today's world, every thirteen-year-old child lives with issues like sex, violence, drugs, alcohol, divorced parents, and easy access to guns. Yet in this new and sometimes terrifying 21st century, many parents struggle in vain to raise teens with 30-year-old rules that no longer work.

Now, in response to popular demand, there’s anew audio bookversion of Yes, Your Teen Is Crazy!—the award-winning bestseller widely regarded as the gold standard in teen parenting books.

Parents of adolescents who need help, but haven’t got time to read a book, can get the answers they need by listening to this audio book during the daily commute. David Kropp’s brilliant reading breathes new life and meaning into the stories, the wisdom, and the wit that Dr. Bradley is famous for.

In Yes, Your Teen Is Crazy! psychologist Michael Bradley updates the rule book, giving you the insight, the hope, and the help you need to safely steer your teenage children through the stormy waters of adolescence. Explaining that you are the most important influence in your teenager's life, Dr. Bradley gives you the training and skills you need to transform your 21st century teen into a  strong, confident, productive adult.​

yes, your teen is crazy!

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