Yes, Your Parents are Crazy! garners its own awards...

  • The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval
  • iParenting Media Award
  • Foreword Magazine's Book of the Year Silver Award, Young Adult Nonfiction
  • Semi-finalist, Independent Publisher Book Awards, Juvenile, Teen & Young Adult Nonfiction
  • USA Book News "Best Books 2004," Finalist, Young Adult Nonfiction

"This book really made me think and laugh! I loved the true stories of teenagers dealing with all kinds of situations in life, and I think kids everywhere will relate to them. The tips for handling parents are excellent." --Emily, age 13

"One of my favorite parts of the book is when Dr. Bradley compares bad feelings to rotten food, and he says they can hurt you only if you keep them inside. His advice? Go throw up on an adult…emotionally that is. This is a great book!" --Justin, age 17

"The most important message for you to take away from this excellent book is that you will be able to cope with all the ups and downs in life if you don't try to go it alone." --Clarice J. Kestenbaum, M.D., The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychology

"This book is awesome. It will help you discover how to believe in yourself and see how easy it is to feel comfortable with who you really are, not who others think you should be." --Clay Aiken of American Idol

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Michael J. Bradley Ed.d

​​The highly anticipated followup to the best-selling book Yes, Your Teen is Crazy! Dr. Bradley's newest title, Yes, Your Parents Are Crazy! is the guidebook every teen needs to survive the out-of-control world adults have handed them; and to help steer a course through the normal bumps and bruises of adolescence.

A "must-read" for teens who want to make it through these turbulent years with their sanity, spirit, relationships, and humor intact. Includes 12 hilarious and insightful illustrations by nationally syndicated cartoonist Randy Glasbergen.

Being a teenager has never been easy. But with the crazy world adults have handed today's teens, it's tougher than ever. Every thirteen-year-old lives with issues like sex, violence, drugs, alcohol, divorced parents, and easy access to guns. Yet in this new and sometimes dangerous century, many parents and teachers are ill equipped--operating with 30-year-old rules that simply don't work anymore.

 Yes, Your Parents are Crazy! psychologist and author Michael Bradley provides teens with an updated survival guide to safely pilot a course through the stormy waters of adolescence. Ultimately helping teens to cope with and understand the adults that populate their world while growing into strong, confident, adults themselves.

yes, your parents are crazy!

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