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Dr. Bradley’s latest book, When Things Get Crazy with Your Teen, is an excellent resource for the most common behaviors that make you think your kid is crazy—and that are driving you crazy as well. The Table of Contents  will direct you to those behaviors and give you the why, the how, and the what-to-do-now, including when to seek professional help. This is the book to keep on the bedside table so you can consult it as the need arises—which is sometimes daily!

A must

for all parents

D. Keefe - Pacific, MO

This book has lots of research and experienced based antidotes on teens. It helps parents to get a greater understanding of what they will be dealing with in the teen years. It defines abnormality versus typical teen behavior and explains when it is time to go to a professional. It also gives tips on how to parent teens successfully. I loved it and found it very useful.



A reader - Brandon, WI

Great advice in this book on how to stay calm when your teen goes nuts, and they can and do go nuts, making us parents crazy too if we let them. Walks you through the teen culture of today. Easy to think we baby boomers know everything about being a teen since we once were one, but today's teens have a new, scarier world. Knowledge is this book!!

The absolute best parenting handbook you can buy!!

R. Conker - Holland, PA

You would not believe how great this book is. It has all the truthfulness you could want and ways of helping your child that bring him or her closer to you, that work. This book isn’t full of psychobabble it has humorous writing but still gets down to it. It can help you in any way you could think of to help you and your child grow closer. But don't take it from me, read it yourself.

A must for parents of teenagers

M. Harder - Bakersfield, CA 

Finally a book that understands teenagers and parents of teenagers in the 21st century. I have only begun reading this book, but cannot wait to finish it and start using the information that I am learning.

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Michael J. Bradley Ed.d

In this book you’ll find little theory and lots of advice—practical, specific, and well-researched advice. This (hopefully) works because I’ve limited the scope to provide generally accepted strategies for only the initial intervention with each of these teen issues, problems that were selected by parent groups as the ones most common to contemporary adolescence.

For most of the smaller problems that you’ll face with your teen, this is all you’ll need.

For the biggies, this will help to keep everyone safe until you get the more involved help you’ll need.

Think of this manual as a hospital emergency room (ER) and you’ll get the idea. Here’s where you get minor problems fixed (such as with a few stitches) and major ones stabilized (as with a temporary cast) until you get to see the specialist.

At the ER and in this book, you'll find that knowing what not to do is at least as important as knowing what to do. If nothing else, you’ll learn how to keep minor disagreements from exploding into major disasters.

When things get crazy with your teen

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