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I'm sorry I haven’t had a chance to write lately—well, actually, I have been writing—a lot. I’m working on my third book, which should be ready for publication in Fall 2006. That means I’ve had to put a few other things on hold, including the regular newsletter. I’m planning to get back to the newsletter soon, but an event just came up that was important enough to take a break from my writing so I could make sure you knew about it: Family Day—A Day to Eat Dinner With Your Children.

What’s it all about? Well, on September 26th, TV Land, Nick at Night, and the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA) at Columbia University, are inviting 10 million families to sit down and eat dinner together. The folks at CASA started Family Day in 2001, after their research showed that the more often children eat dinner with their families, the less likely they are to smoke, drink, or use drugs.

You can find out more information about this event online along with excellent ideas for how to create a fun-filled dining experience—even if you have no time to cook.  Registration for this event is not mandatory, but for everyone that “takes the pledge” to sit down together, the sponsors will donate $1 to the “Hurricane Katrina” relief effort. Registration is also the only way to measure the success of the program, and I’m very curious to know how it does.

The idea of Family Day is dear to my heart because I truly believe in the importance of connection—doing anything we can as parents to show our kids we care enough to spend time getting to know them. A family dinner is a great way to connect. So whether you dine together regularly or your schedules don’t leave much time for family dinners, I do hope you’ll make a special effort to get together on September 26th. Hope you all have a great time together.