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My Bible
S. Lamb from Shelburne, VT 
I am a licensed clinical child psychologist, and author, with a teenager and I use Bradley's book as my bible. Whenever there's an argument or I'm confused about how I reacted or how my teenager reacted, I really do return to the book and look for relevant passages. I love his sense of humor, the personal anecdotes, and the wisdom. I love that he says on one page -- under no circumstances snoop in your child's room, and then on the next page or the very same page -- sometimes you're going to have to snoop in your child's room. There's just a lot of calming wisdom in this book. I love it AND I don't know the author, have never met him, and merely bought the book on a whim when I saw it at the bookstore. What a lucky impulse purchase for me!

The book that saved my sanity
A. Saylor from Brooklyn, NY
This book is incredible!!! This book is my new Bible - it changed so many things in my thinking and helped me to understand what is going on with my 14 old son and me and the world around us. My son is a good kid, but he is 14 and so he does his part of crazy now and then. Before I read this book it was incredibly hurtful to see this stranger who talks back, raises his voice with me, etc., when you do remember your sweet little boy who listened to your every word... This book saved me from so much pain, disappointment and feeling inadequate as a parent! I am a new person with so much more wisdom taken from this book! I feel that EVERY parent, even the ones who feel that they know it all, must read this book, and if your child is young, this book will prepare you for future. I wish to thank Dr. Bradley for such astonishingly brilliant work! I was so lucky that I came across this book and I am recommending it to everyone I know.

From the trenches...
R. Farr from Holland, Pa
Get the book and read it...
Memorize it and practice Dr. Bradley's suggestions until they become your first reaction to the teenage craziness around you. I don't say this casually. I say this because I know, for a fact, what Bradley says works. It works when nothing else seems to, and when you are absolutely certain you have no idea where that ex-child, now crazy person, came from. Less humorously...his suggestions work when you are desperately close to watching your son or daughter become a statistic. It works when nothing else has and, believe me, if you are at this point in his or her life, nothing else might. Simply put, Dr. Bradley saved my son.
Bradley's knowledge in this area is broad and deep, his suggestions are easy to understand, his book is poignant, clear, and frantic-parent friendly. His humor is readily evident and heartening. Reading the book is almost as good as sitting in a session with him...seriously. Read it seriously. Follow it seriously. It works...seriously. Thanks, Dr. Bradley

Crazy about this book!
P. Chipman from Omaha, NE 
How many books have we read telling us how to raise our children with love and respect and we still lose our hair because the children we are raising with love and respect are strangers to us overnight?! This book is a must! Not only is it straightforward and frank, with humor interspersed to calm down our rising panic, it is also an honest approach to parenting/understanding/not understanding a teen's behavior especially in today's world. If you have even once said "...these teens today..." shaking your head, you need to read this book. It doesn't really matter if you have "one", you will have to deal with one, hear about one, or live next to one, and you will find this book infinitely helpful. It is by far the best book written to understand and cope, and perfect timing right now. So right now is the perfect time to read it!

R. Mancini from Studio City, CA
Dr. Michael Bradley's book, "Yes, Your Teen is Crazy!" is an inspiration and should be on every parent's nightstand, indefinitely.
From the frightening statistics on teen suicide today to safety and privacy issues, you will finally understand what you're dealing with as a parent and what you can do to make the experience better for your teenager and your family.
Dr. Bradley's grasp of teen fears, trials and needs is a pleasant reminder to be kind to our teens in an otherwise punitive society. This book is a guiding light for parents trying to love sometimes unlovable kids while also providing security in the face of panic. He offers excellent guidelines to help conquer your fears while also helping your teen deal with their own tumultuous world.

Perfect - E. Walker from Los Angeles, CA 
Before I even finished this book I began using the "dispassionate" techniques Dr. Bradley recommends. The results have been dramatic. My 13 year-old and I have not had a screaming fight in a while (they were happening every other day) AND we have been communicating in a way I thought was lost forever. Dr. Bradley uses an upbeat and candid style to get across all that ails today's teens, from medical insight that supports the notion that our kids are crazy (his term, not mine), to an environment that inundates them with sex, drugs and rock and roll at a very early age. His case studies are enlightening, and sometimes terrifying, but a wonderful way to get his point across without bogging down the reader with too much psychobabble. I highly recommend this book not just for parents of teenagers-my relationship with my 10 year-old is already benefiting from my newly learned parenting skills-but for every parent who has, at one time or another, been frustrated while trying to communicate with his or her child.

A must read
J. Cole from Ruston, VA 
I highly recommend this book to anyone with children even if they're not quite a teen yet. It is full of practical, sensible advice. It addresses the fears and doubts of both parents and teens with humor and compassion. Just wonderful. I'm buying it for Christmas for my best friend even though her children are just nine and five years old. Never hurts to be prepared, and this book will definitely help.

My teen is crazy but now I can handle it!
A reader from Scarsdale, NY 
Both my husband and myself found Dr. Bradley's book to be extremely helpful in raising our fourteen year old girl. Most important, I think, we now understand that we are not alone, that some of the traits she has exhibited are not so off the wall and Dr. Bradley gives really good advice in dealing with some of her issues and ours. I liked the fact that he devoted a good chapter to rages that teens sometimes show and the best way to deal with them.

For everyone who even knows a teenager
C. Springer from Washington, DC 
This book covers a very difficult subject for parents, and it does it with humor, understanding and wisdom. It's a very enjoyable and funny read. But beyond that, when it's all said and done, you're left with the feeling that you really can change the way you parent your crazy teenagers.

I'm a psychologist - best book I've ever read
T. Brussman from Massachusetts 
I'm a psychologist, but I work with other peoples' teens - not my own. I now have a 13 year old, and am not doing as well with my own child as I do with other peoples' kids. This book is a must-have for parents of "normal" and "troubled" teens. If you get any book -- get this one, and get a few extra copies -- you'll be giving them to your freinds and family as gifts.

Michael J. Bradley Ed.d

A view-changer - D. McLellan from Sudbury, MA 
      Having read Teens in Turmoil, I would have clenched harder at every indiscretion my two teens commit, convinced that they are at risk. I was miserable and scared. But immediately when I began reading this book, my views were altered dramatically. I don't feel so nervous about all the typical-by-Dr.-Bradley's-view things my teens do. This helped me develop a perspective that allowed room for my kids to become and be who they will without me getting in the way, but with some practical measure of limits and growth applied.
      It's a friendly and compassionate book both to the teen and the parent. Dr. Bradley is on the side of both teen and parent and makes me feel that I'm not doing so badly, and most important that I'm not alone. His own personal accounts are some of the most enlightening, and come with tension and surprise.
      I was first off-put by some cutesy language, but it is used unabashedly throughout, and so now I accept it as part of Dr. Bradley, the child psychologist with a little bit of a ham in him. The reading is very easy and grabs the reader right away, but the opening material is easy to take in, despite the fear it might instill (in what our society is doing to itself). Past 1/2 way the material is more difficult, dealing with the guts of tough issues, so I have slowed down for the home stretch.
      All in all, I would highly, highly recommend this reading to any parent of a teen. Please read it and learn you are probably doing ok, if you are concerned enough to find the time to spend with this book

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