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Dr. Bradley maintains an "in-person" private practice in Bucks County, Pennsylvania at: Suite 15-B, 1200 Bustleton Pike, Feasterville PA 19053. That office may be reached at 215-355-2992 or click here. Dr. Bradley is fully credentialed as a licensed psychologist with an additional certification in addictions treatment. Or if you are out of area, you may schedule a phone consultation with Dr. Bradley.

While he does not participate with any insurance providers, fees may be partially recoverable by those carrying insurance since Dr. Bradley is fully credentialed as a licensed psychologist with an additional certification in addictions treatment. Contact your insurance provider for details.

In 20 real-life stories drawn from his case files, Dr. Michael Bradley (Yes, Your Teen Is Crazy! and Yes, Your Parents Are Crazy!) paints an emotionally charged and uplifting portrait of today’s teen generation.  The young heroes of Dr. Bradley’s stories think of themselves as ordinary and unexceptional. Their inspiring and unforgettable stories will convince you that today’s teens have what it takes to make tomorrow’s world a better place.

His first book, Yes, Your Teen Is Crazy! is now widely regarded as the gold standard in teen parenting books. Publishers Weekly calls it "invaluable," and actor Martin Sheen says, "...everybody who cares about the future of the human race has lots to learn from this guy. You can't afford not to read this book." The audio book version is made-to-order for time starved parents who want to make good use of their time during the daily work commute.

In his second book, Yes, Your Parents Are Crazy! Dr. Bradley covers the same issues from a teen perspective, writing in a language and format that teens can understand and relate to.  In his foreword, Clay Aiken says, "This book is awesome. It will help you discover how to believe in yourself and see how easy it is to feel comfortable with who you really are.”

Dr. Bradley’s latest book, When Things Get Crazy with Your Teen, is an excellent resource for the most common behaviors that make you think your kid is crazy—and that are driving you crazy as well. The Table of Contents will direct you to those behaviors and give you the why, the how, and the what-to-do-now, including when to seek professional help. This is the book to keep on the bedside table so you can consult it as the need arises—which is sometimes daily!

Essential Reading for Parents AND Teens!

As an expert on adolescent behavior, Dr. Bradley is frequently quoted in the press. He has also appeared on hundreds of TV and radio programs, including ABC's Good Morning America (GMA),
NBC's Today Show, CNN World News Tonight, Pure Oxygen and National Public Radio.

Here are two of his GMA appearances dealing with teen violence and parental
. He delivers speeches before national and state PTA conventions and many other parenting and professional groups, and he can be booked to conduct seminars and
workshops and deliver keynote speeches almost

Dr. Michael J. Bradley is a practicing adolescent psychologist, an award-winning author, and a charismatic public speaker who has enthused standing-room-only crowds